Quarantine Boat

In May we decided it was time for a boat. The pandemic helped speed this decision along. Earlier in the year we had discussed renting boats over the summer, but this no longer seemed like a viable option and we now owned a car that could pull a trailer. This little 19′ Triumph gets our family out on the water and has proven to be a ton of fun already!

First time taking it out on Lake Sammamish

Just a little bit happy to be on the water again!

Happy hour

Aver LOVES driving the boat

Silas is getting used to it

We found Seeta and Phani’s house

First time bringing the boat back in. It’s a little hard to see, but the look on Jonathan’s face says it all. First time was a bit stressful!

Another (more sunny) day on the boat, this time with a bigger tube.

Yet another day. This time the Lotts came with us.

We pulled to boat up on this little sand bar

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