Back to School

Our kids went back to school on August 31st. And by back to school, I mean they stayed home. Like most families, we started the school year remote. We are doing a hybrid of distance learning 2.0 through the district and some homeschool, and so far it is going pretty well – or as well as can be expected. I’m lucky that they all get along pretty well and they have good attitudes about learning. The hardest part for me is not having any free time, so a lot of things are falling though the cracks. Like this blog, for instance. I’m retro-publishing this as September 1st, but it’s actually October 18th. The kids each see a couple of friends in person, but they miss seeing everyone and having all those interactions. Avery misses sports. I am learning so much about my kids and their resilience from this experience. It is not what I would have wished for, but I feel fortunate that we can roll with the punches and make lemons into lemonade.   

Ms. McCann

Mr. Schaak

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