Christmas Eve

This year it was just us and Grammy and Papa for Christmas. We quarantined for ten days prior and then I got a Covid test on the 22nd. We missed having everyone together for the holiday but were thankful to at least see Grammy and Papa. We had a second Christmas a couple days later with Nana and Zoomed with the Avery’s of Pullman and the Halverstadt’s of Oakland. Looking forward to hopefully having everyone together next year!

“How are you feeling today, Papa? Are you in the blue, green or red zone?”

Zooming with the Averys of Pullman

Opening a couple early presents

The Dice Game

Look who I bumped into in the garage!

Phoebe did not know what to think of our visitor and appeared extremely confused

Layla was mesmerized

Running upstairs to look for him in the sky

Serving up milk and cookies

Layla insisted on cutting the carrot into pieces for each of the reindeer. Very socialist of her!

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