Silas Turns Nine!

Silas turned nine this year! At nine, Silas is as sweet, precocious and inquisitive as he ever was. He’s still positive, optimistic, and upbeat, but now he’s a bit more fiery. I think it has a lot to do with being the third son and often feeling left out or picked on by his bigger brothers, who he longs to be accepted by. The past year was tough on Silas being home so much, but he proved resilient.

Silas is very social and has a lot of friends. He’s not super sporty, although he’s willing to try anything – he really loves engineering and science (specifically figuring out how things work) and is still pretty artsy. This kid loves music. He practices piano without any trouble and he’s always finding new songs and artists on Alexa. He’s really into DJ Marshmallow these days, so we threw him a DJ glow party.

Suki photobombed the first attempt

Biscuits and gravy, per his request

A DJ Board!

He was so excited to mix some music on it

Kieron helped with the German Chocolate Cake

Frankie’s Pizza!

More music mixing

Party Time!

Bode, Deacon Sulaiman, Silas, Mason, Ethan, Ronit & Townes

Playing charades

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