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It’s an exciting time to live in the northwest! I’m not even a fan of football, and I’ve been swept up in all the brouhaha. We had a few friends over to watch the (amazing) playoff game. Since the win, I’ve been busy knitting Seahawks hats for all the boys. We’re all looking forward to the big game (which is also the end of football season)! ūüėČ


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I’m playing catch up on the blog again. Here is a huge photo dump from February!

Pancake breakfast

Notice Kieron’s drink umbrella. Our little foodie is all about presentation these days.

At Boundary


Our Leitz St. house was used in a commercial for Premera Blue Cross. We saw it on TV while watching the Winter Olympics. This is our dining room turned into a nursery.


At Old Town for breakfast

A few pics of Layla

Painting the living room

I drove all around town before discovering I’d been sporting this on the side of the van all day:

Caroline, Ethan & Clare came to visit for  a weekend

Another day on the trail

Layla loved Justin Timberlake’s half-time performance at the Superbowl

Silas in class

“Sometimes I get the feeling something is under my bed…”

Making Valentines — this pic pretty much sums up the experience. Avery & Silas got right to work, but it was torture for poor Kieron!

Our sweet neighbors put this swing down by the bus stop. The kids really appreciate it.

More painting. Jonathan left this on the wall one day between coats. He was using up the last of the paint on the brush and made some art

On a walk

Layla’s first time raiding my makeup drawer

Bubble bath for Avery & Layla. He’s so modest he even wears a swim shirt!

Don’t eat the bubbles!

Valentine’s lunch at Chuckanut brewery

Playing in the toy house

The big boys at some restaurant

I took the big boys to Snoqualmie for a weekend to visit with friends. While we were there, Avery and his friend, Hayden, competed in the Dynasty Fitness Ninja Obstacle Challenge. Here is Hayden:

And here are few pics of Avery on the course



At Hayden’s

Kieron stayed with his friend, Louis, and celebrated his birthday

Another outfit put together by Layla

Avery widdling

Crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts! So proud of Avery!

Layla’s 2nd makeup drawer raid. This time it was the lipstick.

Ambulance, by Silas

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James & Morgan’s Wedding

On July 16th, our friends, James & Morgan, tied the knot. James has been a friend of ours since college, when he and¬†Jonathan rowed on the crew team together. After college, he helped us buy our first house, then persuaded me to get my real estate license, and has always lended a helping hand when I had questions. The first time we met Morgan, we knew she was “the one” for our friend, and that afternoon we all watched the¬†Seahawks win¬†the game that sent them to the Superbowl (the one they won).

They planned a beautiful wedding at their property in Everett. Jonathan was honored to be a groomsman, and we all had a fantastic time celebrating the happy couple!


“The lanky’s”, as they were affectionately referred to at crew. James rowed¬†starboard, and Jonathan port.
DSC01596 DSC01617 DSC01622

Waiting for the bride

Here she comes!

The boys – not convinced that weddings are fun and special

At this point I was praying they (the boys) would keep it together. It was HOT and they were BORED! We were in the 2nd row and I was starting worry one of them would storm the ceremony – particularly this one:

Husband and wife!

Turns out the boys are not fans of wedding ceremonies, but they LOVE receptions!DSC01707

They were hitting the soda pretty hard
DSC01712 DSC01720

With Renee, coxswain and fellow crew wife

Me and my gal

Daddy’s little girl
DSC01792  DSC01816

Mike & Jim
DSC01838  IMG_0340     IMG_0397 IMG_0404 IMG_0407 IMG_0411

Time for some dancing

We wore them all out!IMG_0423

And here’s one pic from the bachelor partyIMG_7885

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Here’s a bit of what we were up to the rest of May.

There were a number of hikes and bike rides

Avery had an “acting” role in his Back to the 50’s school musical, as a mini Chuck Berry. He loved dancing around on with a real guitar on stage with his friends. Not the greatest picture, but he’s up there, third from the left.

Roasting s’mores
IMG_6092 IMG_6097 IMG_6105




Jonathan took the boys to Bellevue Park one weekend. They happened upon an event with Seahawks defensive lineman, Michael Bennett. (He’s the one who hopped on¬†the police bike and rode it around the field after winning the playoff game that sent them to the Superbowl last year).

Pizza, anyone?

Caterpillar season!

Don’t laugh, this is genius! Silas loves the long bike rides, but sometimes the final push up the parkway is just too much. This solution makes everyone happy!

One of my favorite things to do with these little guys. It’s so fun when they all pitch in together.
IMG_6594 IMG_6596

Play date at the park with Bode

And here the are back at the house watching the garbage man (that’s Bode’s little bro, Deacon, on the left).

Silas is becoming quite the little (race car) driver. Sometimes he returns from the top of the cul de sac with this little cute, Nathalie!

This was a big day for the boys. Avery read in one of his Minecraft tutorial books that there is a way to play the game together from two devices. So he sat Jonathan down, showed him the instructions, and voila! Now he and Kieron can play together. They love it, and I think they would play forever if we let them.

The boys opened up their lemonade stand at the community garage sale. Despite the fact that they consumed much of their product, they made $17 in one afternoon! Each boy has their own talent. Avery is the business man. He manages the money and most of the pouring. Kieron is the salesman, and is a real go-getter. Silas is the entertainer, and uses his charm to attract customers. They make a good team!

Baking cinnamon rolls!

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Early February

I’m getting behind on blogging already, so please excuse the brevity. There are lots of descriptions below. Here’s what we were up at the end of January and early¬†February:
DSC_0059 DSC_0061

Girl’s night with Caroline and Heather

That night we bumped into local celebrity anchorman, Dan Lewis. Considering that during college, there was a period of time when I wanted to go into broadcast journalism, I was just a little bit starstruck!


Hiking with the boys
DSC_0076 DSC_0079 DSC_0081 DSC_0082 DSC_0085 DSC_0086





Our picky eater recently added a number of new foods to his “yes” list. These include rice, quinoa, cucumber, tomatoes, and his favorite: celery (specifically, ants on a log).

The boys returned to swim lessons. Last session, Kieron and Silas ended up in a private class together!
IMG_5742 IMG_5747

Silas got a little swimmer’s ear. He was such a sport about the ear drops!

Here’s Silas scooting down our hill on his flashy pink scooter

Wii fun

Love when this happens

After lunch at the Redhook brewery, we drove home through Sammamish, swung by my old homes, and took the boys to play at my elementary playground.


I remember doing the “fun run” on this field. Twenty(ish) years later, here are our¬†boys racing across it!

At the Superbowl tailgate party

Love this little face smiling back at me!

While volunteering in Avery’s class they were dismissed for recess. I snapped this pic of his little desk.

Back at home. A little playroom madness.


Playdates at the King house

This is a typical scene after Avery comes home in the afternoon. Silas makes a b-line for Avery’s backpack, goes straight for the lunchbox, takes it to the kitchen table, unzips it, and consumes anything that’s leftover. Can’t say I really mind. It’s nice that food isn’t wasted.

Playing at Avery’s school

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